Menstrual Pain Relief Navel Oil


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INNATE SPLENDORE introduces you to Nabhi Veda’s Menstrual Pain Relief oil. Every women suffers from mood swings, Stomach-ache, back-ache, swelling etc., during periods.
Nabhi Veda’s Menstrual pain relief oil helps in controlling mood swings, relaxes the veins around your uterine lining, accelerates blood circulation, gives relief from cramps, refreshes your mind also gives relief from the stomach.

INGREDIENTS: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Cananga Odorata, Mentha Piperita, Zingiber Officinale, Olea
Europaea L., Sesamum Indicum L.

APPLICATION: Before going to bed clean your belly button with earbud or with cotton, then put 2-3 Drops of Menstrual pain relief oil into your navel and massage in circular motion, inside out for 2-3 minutes, wash your belly in morning. Use it daily to 4 times a week. Start using 2-3 days before the onset of periods and every night during periods.
Recommended Exercise/YOGA: With regular yoga and exercise for example Reclining twist pose, Knees to chest pose, child pose, the camel pose, Forward fold, Resting corpse pose. It will help you with stomach, body ache, controlling mood swings etc.,


  • Jathara Parivartanasana (reclining twist pose)
  • apanasana (Knees-to-chest pose)
  • Ustrasana (the camel pose)
  • Uttanasana (forward fold)
  • Shavasana (Corpse pose)


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