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In this fast moving world. We hardly get time to take care of ourselves and consume healthy food. Unhealthy diet, lack of activities leads to indigestion. We are always looking for quick solution to every problem, for quick solution to indigestion we brings to you Nabhi Veda’s Digestion Navel Oil. This oil gives you relief from indigestion.
It helps ease an upset stomach. It also helps Relieve an upset & bloated stomach. It relieves uneasiness of the stomach caused due to indigestion.

INGREDIENTS:Olea Europaea L., Curcuma Longa, Brassica Nigra, Coriandrum Sativum, Mentha Piperita,- Cuminum Cyminum, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum.
APPLICATION: Before going to bed clean your belly button with earbud or with cotton, then put 2-3 Drops of Digestion Navel Oil into your navel and massage in circular motion, inside out for 2-3 minutes, wash your belly in morning. Use it daily on regular basis for effective results.
Recommended Exercise/YOGA: With regular Exercises and Yoga for example, Seated forward bend, Child’s pose, Wind relieving pose, Triangle pose, half lord of the fishes pose. This process helps ease your stomach and digestion related problems.

  • Pashchimottanasana (Seated forward bend)
  • Balasana (Child pose)
  • Pavanamuktasana (Wind- relieving pose)
  • Trikonasana (The triangle pose)
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half lord of the fishes pose)
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Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Digestion Navel Oil

  1. Vishal kumar


  2. saurabh Taneja

    Ordered one for my dadu dadi now repeat ordering this because they are fighting for a common bottle.
    Thanks to you guys we like your consultancy

  3. Shruti R. Kumar

    bought 2 pcs of this oil for my father, To be honest,
    Initial 2 weeks i can’t see any results. but as i ordered
    pcs my father continue to apply it on his belly button.
    But after 3 weeks we started to get results.no
    bloating, better digestion, no more problem of
    constipation now my father is really very happy. he can
    eat what ever he wants to eat but in a small quantity
    due to his age. he get into a good routine with yoga,
    meditation and Nabhi Veda.

  4. Sana

    I loveee to eat junk but my digestive system doesn’t allow me. So I got the solution and now with the help of this oil and some yoga I am eating whatever makes me happy 😉

  5. Saaketh Aachari

    using it since Dec 21 this is giving me very effective results. but sadly I have to ask my family to order and courier it to me. why you guys not deliver globally?
    willingly recommending digestion & Migraine Navel oil to all
    truly amazing products

  6. Kaniska Rao

    Due to some hectic schedule I was not able to eat healthy food which directly effected my body.
    My digestive system was very weak from last 2 years, I am using this digestion navel oil from last 4 months and now I m free from all the problems which I was suffering like bloated stomach, acidity and indigestion etc.

  7. Rajni

    Helpful and easy to use !

  8. Bharti Meena

    Bought 2 for my dada dadi and they love it and appreciate me to follow ayurveda

  9. Poonam

    Solved my bloated stomach issues, and gastic issues but lil costly and time taken solution.

  10. Rajat Bhalla

    Good initiative Towards Ayurveda. But I feel its little expensive but overall results are good

  11. Anjali Bisht

    I used twice a day and its a good deal
    I purchased my first order from amazon after getting knw abt ur website i made my 2nd purchases from here and got amazing deals

  12. Shardha

    Good product but I really found the product is costly.

  13. Pragya

    works in indigestion.

  14. Rohini

    Before I feel bloated after eating rajma, High fiber veggies and few more food items but from last 2 months I feel my body is adaptint all kind of food I eat. Happy to have this product, Now its been 3.5 months i’m continue consuming the product.
    Thumbs up

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