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Stress, a very common thing to say in this world. It may occurs due to over work, due to some mental stress, family issues, some personal issues, and sometimes due to lack of nutrients in our body. Usually a person get tired very easily and they called it stress. Both the term has different meaning and sense.
Very few people know how stress effects there health and peace of mind. It may leads to heart disease like high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides. Stress also cause some severe disease like Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes, Headaches, Depression, Anxiety, lack of sleep etc.
The main question arises what can we do to reduce the stress and make mind sooth and get a good sleep?
Innate Splendore gives you another navel oil called MIND SOOTHING NAVEL OIL. It helps calm down the nerves making a person relaxed and soothing the mind. It helps ease down anxiety. It helps improves concentration, mood and mind. It promotes sleep and eases symptoms of depression.

INGREDIENTS:Lavandula Angustifolia Miller, Cupressus Sempervirens, Mentha Spicata, Salvia Rosmarinus, Ocimum Basilicum, Santalum Album, Mentha Piperita.

APPLICATION: Before going to bed clean your belly button with earbud or with cotton, then put 2-3 Drops of Mind soothing Navel Oil into your navel and massage in circular motion, inside out for 2-3 minutes, wash your belly in morning. Use it daily on regular basis for effective results.

Recommended Exercise/YOGA: With regular Excercises and Yoga for example Prasarita padottansana, uthan Prishthasana, Salamba Bhrjangasana, setu Bandhasana Sarvangsana, Supta budha konsana. This process will help you soothes your mind and helps you get good sleep.

Reviews (8)


  1. Prathik Konar

    Bought it from Women Expo 2021, Using it since then. little pricy but good enough to purchase

  2. Sharvil Aachari

    I ordered a product and got a small honey bottle free. navel oil is good but honey is very tasty. now I am going to buy a big pack of honey. beside that this navel oil gave me fair results and I can surly buy a new one.

  3. Daksh Yadhavar

    Its a nice product but don’t expect instant results. Ayurveda takes time to reflect results. pricy but genuine products.

  4. Komal Arora

    I like the product. travel friendly and can take it to anywhere. in the beginning i used to forget to apply it, I also carry it to my office if i skip in morning i can apply later in a day. nice. love it

  5. Anirudh Swami

    Nice product, gave soothing effect & helped me to get good sleep

  6. Sumanth

    The load of pressure I take in my job is huge….. The is best thing I got to relieve from this huge pressure. I recommend Mind Soothing Oil to the one who is taking huge pressure and getting hair fall due to pressure.

  7. Shreyanvi Nadar

    love it. good product

  8. Tanishka Chettiar

    Good product. But I feel like quantity should be more as compare to the price. rest is a good product

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